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PUBG gets crossover event with K-pop supergroup Blackpink

Sing for your supper.

Ever heard of Blackpink? If not, well, a lot of people sure have - the band was the first K-pop girl group to reach 1bn views on YouTube, and they're currently the most subscribed-to music group on the platform (via Vogue UK). And now the group is coming to PUBG with their very own crossover event.

Between 18th August to 7th September players will be able to participate in "special in-game event missions" to earn points to acquire Blackpink-themed items, including a level three helmet and contraband coupons. And there's plenty more in-game items where that came from: 35 distinct items will be on sale in total, and will be purchasable from today until the end of the year. Each of the band members will have their own cosmetic bundles (each of which includes "themed hair, an outfit, a nameplate, helmet, weapon and emote").

Blackpink PUBG teaserWatch on YouTube

PUBG's maps will also see some changes as part of the event. Blackpink-themed decorations such as building decals, plane banners, supply crates and level three helmets will appear from today until 7th September on PC, and from 12th August to 15th September on consoles.

On the surface, Blackpink might seem an odd choice for a PUBG collaboration, but it's worth remembering that developer Krafton is also based in South Korea. The game developer is expected to achieve the second-biggest IPO on record in South Korea (via Bloomberg), so I guess it makes sense that one of the country's biggest game developers would combine forces with one of its biggest music acts.

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