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PUBG's Survival Mastery and ID system arrives on PC

Escape pan.

This week's been a busy one for chicken dinners - first we had the release of the KFC dating game, and now we have another PUBG update, which is introducing some tasty stat additions. We all love stats... right?

PC Update 4.3 has now moved from test to live servers, and brings with it the Survival Mastery system, which rewards players for their "survival skills in each match". This is essentially a new progression system where players can level up via looting, using items during combat and reviving teammates (along with, you know, actual combat). It won't reset with each new season, and runs all the way up to level 500 - where players can earn themselves an extra fancy pose. Talk about a flash in the pan.

May the sauce(pan) be with you.

Anyway, along with poses you can earn various items with which to decorate your PUBG ID (a new customisation option added in the update) such as emblems and nameplates. You'll be able to view other players' PUBG IDs when playing with a "teammate from the previous match", or if the ID belongs to the player you killed or the player who killed you. In my case, it'll mainly be the latter.

Beyond customisation, you'll also be able to view some in-depth match summary timelines, which will recap "all survival actions performed in a match", including landing point, damage dealt and received, distance travelled in vehicles, and other XP earning activities.

Meanwhile, in the world of gameplay, update 4.3 adds a new shotgun called the DBS, a double barrel pump-action that can initially only be obtained from care packages. "The DPS on the DBS is OMG", say the official PUBG patch notes, which you can check out in further detail here.

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