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PSP is Japan's best-seller of 2008

Bi-annual and weekly charts inside.

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Xbox 360 sales have trumped those of PS3 after yet another week in Japan. We never thought we'd write that.

The Microsoft console sold 11,294, according to Media Create data (thanks NeoGAF), while Sony's flagship machine shifted only 8,275. That's a similar level of drama to Hollyoaks, and those sales are little more than a drop in the ocean compared to the week's winner, the DS, with 57,847 sales.

There's plenty of new releases in the software chart this week. Most are boring, apart from Cross Edge on PS3 at seven. This is an RPG co-developed by Capcom, Nippon Ichi, Namco Bandai, Gust and Idea Factory, according to Wikipedia. Which sounds insane and nonsensical.

There's an underwater exploration game on PS3 called Aquanaut's Holiday at nine, plus Wii title Disaster: Day of Crisis at 10, which is out here on 17th October, release date fans.

Most are miles behind this week's leader, though, and that's Super Robot Taisen Z on PS2, which sold a monstrous 366,493 copies.

While we're on the subject, that other Japanese data collection company, Enterbrain, has published hardware and software sales for the first half of 2008 (spotted by Kotaku).

The PSP dominated proceedings, largely thanks to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, which placed a close second to Mario Kart Wii in the software sales stakes.

Bi-annual hardware sales

  1. PSP: 1,583,731 (lifetime 10,157,757)
  2. DS: 1,314,919 (lifetime 23,484,680)
  3. Wii: 1,105,174 (lifetime 6,800,753)
  4. PS3: 352,457 (lifetime 2,361,949)
  5. Xbox 360: 138,740 (lifetime 741,298)

Bi-annual software sales

  1. Mario Kart Wii: 1,744,387 (lifetime 1,744,387)
  2. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G: 1,602,386 (lifetime 2,425,651)
  3. Pokémon Platinum: 1,481,725 (lifetime 1,481,725)
  4. Dragon Quest V: 1,152,229 (lifetime 1,152,229)
  5. Wii Fit: 845,238 (lifetime 2,607,431)

Weekly hardware sales

  1. DS: 57,847
  2. Wii: 26,314
  3. PSP: 25,671
  4. Xbox 360: 11,291
  5. PS2: 9848
  6. PS3: 8275

Weekly software sales

  1. Super Robot Taisen Z (PS2) - 366,493 namco bandai
  2. Pokemon Platinum (DS) - 195,479 (lifetime 1,474,000)
  3. Rhythm Tengoku Gold (DS) - 65,257 (lifetime 852,000)
  4. World Destruction: Michibi Kareshi Ishi (DS) - 55,938
  5. Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max 2 Tokumori (PS2) - 35,240 namco bandi
  6. Dragon Ball: Origins (DS) 29,879 (lifetime 102,000)
  7. Cross Edge (PS3) - 22,386
  8. Wii Fit (Wii) - 21,261 (lifetime 2,684,000)
  9. Aquanaut's Holiday: Kakusareta Kiroku (PS3) - 17,646 Sony
  10. Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) - 14,310

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