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Promising shooter Enter the Gungeon is out soon

If Zelda were a Hong Kong action movie shmup.

Devolver's impressive Enter the Gungeon will be released 5th April on PC, Mac and PS4. It'll cost £11.99 with a pre-order discount of 10 per cent.

Gungeon is a mash-up of an old-school Zelda game, a shoot-'em-up and a Hong Kong action movie. Zelda because it looks a like A Link to the Past; shoot-'em-ups because bullet blobs fly everywhere and you have to dodge them; and Hong Kong movies because you jump and roll and smash up scenery and shoot, shoot, shoot.

I played it at EGX 2015 and was really impressed. It's wickedly fast and satisfying, and only gives you one life so you're compelled to try again. There's an art to dodge-rolling, too, as the dodge part of the animation renders you invincible but you're vulnerable again when you roll. Plus there are four heroes with slightly different guns and abilities to mix the formula up.

Enter the Gungeon is made by Dodge Roll Games.

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