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Pre-order Thief to nab the exclusive Bank Heist mission

It's a steal.

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Thief publisher Square Enix has announced The Bank Heist, an exclusive mission for those who pre-order the game ahead of its February 2014 release.

The level is being built by developer Eidos Montreal as an homage to the bank mission found within Thief 2: The Metal Age and will include exclusive security measures to disable.

There's also a pile of loot and other secrets squirreled away for you to liberate - most notably a jewel named the Star of Auldale, a family heirloom hidden in the Stonemarket First Bank's vaults.

"I feel as though Eidos and Garrett are making good progress," Tom Bramwell wrote earlier this year in Eurogamer's Thief preview. "Thief presents a slick, night-stalking anti-hero in a city of pain and depredation that I want to explore further."

Footage of the new mission lies below.

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