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PowerWash Simulator Xbox multiplayer crash fix now live

Issues cleaned up.

A new update for Xbox Game Pass gem PowerWash Simulator has fixed the game's multiplayer issues, its developer has said.

A 3.5GB update was made available for the game earlier today, Eurogamer spotted. Now, developer Futurlab has confirmed this patch is designed to alleviate the game's Xbox crash issues.

Last week, Futurlab offered an unusual tip to avoid multiplayer crashes - to stop looking at the sun. Apparently, issues with the game's lens flare visuals were at fault. (It's also just good advice in general.)

Cover image for YouTube videoPowerWash Simulator Launch Trailer

PowerWash Simulator has become something of a Eurogamer favourite since its recent arrival on Xbox Game Pass. I spent a slightly embarrassing chunk of my weekend showering dirt off the game's environments - and even tried to get some multiplayer games working, though with little success.

Hopefully those issues have been cleaned up now.

"Muddy hell! PowerWash Simulator is better than I ever expected," our Bertie wrote when he tried the game. "PowerWash Simulator is a blast."