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Pokémon Unite launches next month on Nintendo Switch

And September for mobile, with cross-save.

Pokémon Unite, the upcoming free-to-play MOBA from Tencent's TiMi Studios, launches on Nintendo Switch in July. Unite's mobile version then follows in September, The Pokémon Company announced today.

Cross-platform play and cross-save are planned, the latter of which requires you use the same Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club log-in.

Here's a new trailer showing the game's opening cinematic and fresh gameplay:

Cover image for YouTube videoUK: Pokémon UNITE is coming this summer!

TiMi Studios, which was also responsible for Activision's Call of Duty Mobile, has run a closed beta for the game in recent months.

Originally announced last summer, Pokémon Unite pits two squads of five players against one another, battling it out in an arena threaded with control points to secure. As a match plays out, Pokémon are able to level up, unlocking new moves as they do so.

Unite is monetised using a seasonal battle pass system, as well as a premium currency named Aeos gems. You'll use gems (or Aeos coins earned through gameplay) to obtain licences to take Pokémon into battle, as well as acquire held items and fashionable cosmetics for your Pokémon to wear. (The trailer shows Snorlax wearing sunglasses, for example.)

We'll update when we have firmer release dates for the game's Switch and mobile versions.