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New Pokémon Snap releases in April, with over 200 creatures to film

Flash photography.

New Pokémon Snap includes more than 200 Pokémon species when it arrives for Nintendo Switch on 30th April.

Today's release date came alongside a new teaser for the on-rails photography sequel, and details that it would be set in a new region of the Pokémon world named Lental. This area is looked after by Professor Mirror, who will judge all your snaps.

The trailer showed some of the species to expect, with a mix of old favourites and newer creatures from across the series, alongside a broad range of environments.

There's some kind of story element to the game as well, as certain Pokémon are illuminated with a glowing effect known as the Illumina phenomenon. Your pics will help investigate.

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The original Pokémon Snap became a cult classic on N64, loved by fans for its relaxing gameplay and ability to see Pokémon chilling in their natural environments. Over two decades later, this follow-up arrives during the Pokémon franchise's 25th anniversary year - for which it has big plans that include Katy Perry.

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