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Pokémon Let's Go Power Plant and how to find Zapdos - available Pokémon, items and trainers

Our complete Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide to your big adventure with Pikachu or Eevee.

Zapdos and the Power Plant are optional objectives that open up for you as soon as you gain the Sea Skim Secret Technique in Fuchsia City, so you're free to head here as as soon as you can, or skip over the location entirely.

We recommend you give it a look though! As you'll see below - where we'll cover any and all of the obtainable Pokémon, item locations, trainers and their squads that you might encounter in the area, as well as walking you through any key steps of the story along the way - there are some very rare finds to be had.

We've also opted to break out walkthrough pages down into sections, referring to each of your visits to a given location, seeing as you often backtrack or revisit various places in your quest to become Champion! Where applicable, we'll split our page into one section for each visit, and of course if there are any, clearly mark any spoilers, too!

For more like this, be it specific systems explainers or walkthrough pages on more locations, head back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub.

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Pokémon Let's Go: Power Plant - available Pokémon, items and trainers

The Power Plant is one of the simplest 'dungeons' you'll find in Pokémon Let's Go, as it's only spread out over one floor and there are no puzzles or obstacles for you to solve - which is nice!

Instead, there's one fun little booby trap for you to look out for: upside-down Poké Balls. Although they look a lot like the item Poké Balls found dotted around the world, these are actually wild Electrodes, and if you interact with them, they'll attack!

They're one of the few 'interactable' wild Pokémon that you can actually battle, too - along with the likes of Snorlax and Legendary Pokémon - and you'll need to defeat them in battle first if you want to catch them. Otherwise, deceptive Electrodes aside, here's all the available items, Pokémon and trainers to be found. In the section below we'll explain how to make it through the Power Plant to find Zapdos!

Available Pokémon

Koffing (LGE)Standard walking
Weezing (LGE)Standard walking
Grimer (LGP)Standard walking
Muk (LGP)Standard walking
VoltorbStandard walking
ElectrodeStandard walking or disguised as Poké Balls.
ElectabuzzStandard walking
MagnemiteStandard walking
MagnetonStandard walking
ChanseyCatch Combo
ZapdosDefeat in battle.

Available Items

Max ReviveJust ahead of you from the entrance
5x Rare CandiesCoach Trainer Mable
X Sp. DefTo the south-east of Coach Trainer Mable
Rare CandyAlong the south wall of the building at a dead end, south-east of Coach Trainer Mable
TM38 ThunderSouth-east area, amongst some sandbags
Thunder StoneIn top left of north-eastern room
Max PotionIn top right of north-eastern room
Paralyze HealIn the small narrow central room near Zapdos
Max PotionIn long central area east of Coach Trainer Mable
Pretty WingHidden, in front of the right-hand chair before Zapdos
Voltorb CandyHidden, in rows of barrels in central thin room.
Voltorb CandyHidden, in rows of barrels in central thin room.
Voltorb CandyHidden, in rows of barrels in central thin room.
Voltorb CandyHidden, in rows of barrels in central thin room.

Trainers and Battles

Trainer NamePokémonLevel
Coach Trainer MableOmastar
Wild ElectrodeElectrode42
Wild ElectrodeElectrode42
Wild ElectrodeElectrode42
Wild ElectrodeElectrode42
Wild ZapdosZapdos50

A quick note if you're here to catch some of the rare Pokémon - Magnemite in particular can be a real pain, due to how much they move around. Try using Nanab Berries to get them to sit still!

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Pokémon Let's Go: how to find Zapdos in the Power Plant

Unlike the other two Legendary Birds (Articuno at Seafoam Islands and Moltres at Victory Road), Zapdos is thankfully quite easy to find.

It's located in the top left, or north-west, corner of the one main room in the Power Plant. To get there, simply head over to the far right (east) side from the entrance, then up to the north and across, leftwards, to the west to find it amongst some large machinery!

Like the other Legendaries it's a fairly tricky battle. Zapdos is Electric and Flying-type, meaning that it's immune to the usual Electric counter of Ground-type attacks. Your best bets are Rock and Ice, to counter its Flying typing. Ground-types work well defensively, meanwhile.

Once it's defeated, things work much the same as they did with those Snorlax you'll have already encountered by now: it's the standard catching mode, only it can't run away (unless you run out of Poké Balls entirely). So take your time and remember to use berries effectively to help!

That's everything here in this optional area. If you're after more post-game areas head to Cerulean Cave for the next steps in your post-game quest, or cycle back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub for all the other pages we have like this.