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Pokémon Let's Go Celadon City and Erika Gym Battle - available Pokémon, items and trainers

Our complete Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide to your big adventure with Pikachu or Eevee.

Celadon City and Erika's Gym Battle are your next objectives after Route 7, whilst you can also optionally take on Rocket Game Corner and the Team Rocket Hideout - which we cover on that page separately - before the Celadon City Gym if you like, too.

Below, we'll cover any and all of the obtainable Pokémon, item locations, trainers and their squads that you might encounter in the area, as well as walking you through any key steps of the story along the way.

We've also opted to break out walkthrough pages down into sections, referring to each of your visits to a given location, seeing as you often backtrack or revisit various places in your quest to become Champion! Where applicable, we'll split our page into one section for each visit, and of course if there are any, clearly mark any spoilers, too!

For more like this, be it specific systems explainers or walkthrough pages on more locations, head back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub.

On this page:

Pokémon Let's Go: Celadon City and Department Store

Celadon City is the biggest city you'll have visited in Kanto so far, and in fact it's one of the biggest in the whole game. There's a huge amount to do here: take on Erika's Grass-type Gym, visit the big Department Store which sells all kinds of useful items, talk to some helpful NPCs, or take on the secret biggest challenge: clearing out Team Rocket's Hideout at Rocket Game Corner.

With so much to do we've split this page up into sections, covering the general things to do in this one and Erika's Gym in the second, with the Rocket Game Corner Team Rocket Hideout on its own separate page.

The first point of interest in Celadon City then is the Fortune Teller, in the Pokémon Center, who will set all wild Pokémon encounters' Nature according to how you answer her questions, for one day, at a cost of $10,000. With no breeding mechanics in the game, this is the only way to do so!

There's also a Move Tutor in the Pokémon Center who will teach your partner Pokémon even more moves - it now adds Glitzy Glow and Baddy Bad for Eevee, Psychic- and Dark-type moves respectively.

One more thing in the Pokémon Center: there's another trader here, this time offering to trade you their Alolan Vulpix for one of your own regular ones in Let's Go Eevee, or an Alolan Sandshrew for your Sandshrew in Let's Go Pikachu.

Head into the city a little and you'll bump into Brock outside the Condominiums where some of the city's residents live. He'll give you some Tea, which if you remember is exactly what those guards are after. You can no access Saffron City if you like then, meaning the world opens up quite a bit, but we recommend you do all there is to do here in Celadon City first before you head there!

In the Department Store, there's a huge amount of stuff to buy, including a range of TMs on the TM floor (a quick tip, don't buy Waterfall for your Gyarados if you're thinking about it - it learns it at level 31!), evolution stones, outfits, regular trainer items, and more.

There's also a vending machine on the roof that you can use to stock up on items like Lemonade, which are a cost-efficient replacement for regular types of Potion. There's too much to list here, so just visit each floor and it works as a regular Poké Mart, but just much bigger!

In the Condominiums building, and the general city itself, there are also lots of items to gather. We've listed all of those below, as usual.

Available Pokémon

Alolan VulpixTrade for your regular Vulpix in the Pokémon Center, in Let's Go Eevee
Alolan SanshrewTrade for your regular Sandshrew in the Pokémon Center, in Let's Go Pikachu

Available Items

Pewter CrunchiesFrom Brock, outside the Celadon Condominiums
TeaFrom Brock, outside the Celadon Condominiums
NuggetAround the back of the Pokémon Center, on the right
Rare CandyAround the back of the Pokémon Center, on the very far top left
5x Razz BerriesHidden, to the right of the cuttable tree at the little dead end
Nanab BerryHidden, by the first blue stool in the Game Corner in front of the prize desk
TM03 Helping HandFrom the man at the counter on 3F
TM06 Light ScreenGive the little girl a drink from the vending machine, on the roof of the Department Store
Fresh WaterHidden, next to the water cooler in the Game Freak Offices floor of the Condominiums
3x Health CandiesOn the top floor of the Condominiums
TM44 Play RoughIn the little house on the roof of the Condominiums, accessed from the path out the back of the Pokémon Center
Rainbow BadgeDefeat Gym Leader Erika
TM53 Mega DrainDefeat Gym Leader Erika
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Pokémon Let's Go: Celadon City Gym and Erika Gym Battle

You need to have a 'cute' Pokémon to enter Erika's Gym, which is accessed by chopping down the tree in the bottom-centre of Celadon City and working your way along the lower path. Your partner Pikachu or Eevee will do!

Once you're inside, Fire-, Flying-, and Bug-Type Pokémon are your best bet, whilst Psychic will also help with the part-Poison-type Pokémon as well. The gym itself is simple enough - there are some bushes to be chopped down, but most serve as a shortcut to the exit - so approach as many trainers as you like for practice and XP, then plough on and tackle Erika when you're ready!

Available Items - Celadon City Gym!

Rainbow BadgeDefeat Gym Leader Erika
TM53 Mega DrainDefeat Gym Leader Erika

Trainers and Battles - Celadon City Gym!

Lass KayOddish28
Beauty MaiExeggcute29
Picnicker TinaGloom29
Beauty TamiaOddish
Beauty LoriGloom29
Ace Trainer MaryWeepinbell
Lass LinaBellsprout
Gym Leader ErikaTangela

Finally, when you've cleared out and then exited Rocket Game Corner, there's one more pleasant surprise here in Celadon City: you learn the Secret Technique, Sky Dash! This acts like Fly from previous games, if you're familiar with it. Essentially, it lets you fast-travel to any previously-visited main location on the map, by selecting the option from the 'Secret Techniques' button in the 'Play with Pikachu/Eevee' section of the pause menu.

That's everything here in Celadon City for now, so continue on to Rocket Game Corner for the next steps in your quest, or cycle back to our main Pokémon Let's Go walkthrough and guide hub for all the other pages we have like this.