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Pokémon Go's new event is all about fighting Pokémon

Chop chop.

Pokémon Go will highlight its roster of fighting-type species in a Battle Showdown, the game's next event.

From 9pm UK time tonight until 14th May, you'll get double XP for fighting in raids and battling in gyms. (XP hunters - this means that legendary raids with a lucky egg will net you 40k XP.)

All raids will dole out 3000 Stardust and a guaranteed rare candy reward. Gyms, meanwhile, will award double gym badge points and more items when you spin their discs.

Fighting Pokémon will also appear more commonly in the wild throughout the event - handy if you're training up a good Blissey-killing Machamp.

Pokémon Go has been keeping up a steady stream of events for months now - this follows an Earth Day-inspired event which added a shiny version of Wailmer to the game. Will we see a handful of fighting-type shiny versions added next?

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