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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sets record for most concurrent players on Steam

Peak player count at 1,349,584.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has had more people play it at once than any other game in Steam history.

The game's official Twitter account boasted about this stat, revealing a chart in which its reported 1,342,857 players toppled Dota 2's impressive figure of 1,295,114.

PUBG's figures have only been growing too, as according to Steam's official current chart its concurrent users have peaked at an even more impressive 1,349,584.

Wow, PUBG, wow!

While Steam doesn't post its own all-time records, Steam stat-tracking site Steamcharts listed Dota 2's record at 1,291,328, followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's distant third peak of 850,485. While these figures may not be quite as exact as Steam's own, they should be in the right ballpark, and all of these stats place PUBG's record roughly 50k players ahead of Dota 2's. That's a pretty wide margin of error, lending PUBG developer Bluehole Studio's claim all the more credibility.

It was only a week ago that PUBG slipped past the 1m concurrent players mark, and it's grown roughly 35 per cent in that time. Anyone want to place bets on how high that number will climb?

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