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Plants vs. Zombies confirmed for PSN

Plus, five more titles announced by SOE.

Horticultural horror hit Plants vs Zombies is gearing up for an assault on PlayStation Network next month, Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

First released on PC to considerable acclaim in 2009, PopCap's awesome tower defence time-waster has now appeared on pretty much every platform known to man, including iOS, Xbox 360 and DS. Still, better late than never, right PS3 owners?

SOE also announced five more games heading to PSN soon, though, as with Plants vs. Zombies, failed to confirm precise release dates for any of them.

  • Acceleration of Suguri X Edition is a fighting game from Rockin' Android featuring giant robots.
  • Fire Hose Games' Slam Bolt Scrappers sees you building skyscrapers while trying to protect them from invaders at the same time.
  • Akimi Village is a strategy title from NinjaBee that sees you building a settlement and managing resources.
  • Sideway is an "audacious" PlayStation 3 exclusive set in New York City that "follows the adventures of Nox, a 2D rebellious young artist, as he navigates the 3D urban streets."
  • Finally, Rochard is a side-scrolling space exploration effort from Recoil Games.

"We continually seek creative opportunities to generate new and entertaining ways to enhance a player's gaming experience," explained SOE exec Chris Sturr of the release splurge, "and our latest line-up proves this with all-new games that are fun and engaging."