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PopCap signs deal to license Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies merchandise

Adult sleepwear and boxers coming.

Bejeweled bits and bobs and Plants vs Zombies playthings are on the way, courtesy of a new deal signed by developer PopCap.

The casual gaming giant has signed a deal to license its products for commercial use. In short, the Wall-nut-branded boxer shorts you've always wanted will soon be available.

Deals have been signed that include apparel, headwear, bags and accessories, plush toys, figures, headphones, USBs, speakers, device cases, wall graphics, Pop! Vinyl figurines, calenders, posters, adult sleepwear and boxers.

"We're taking a measured, deliberate approach to licensing our IPs," explained PopCap brand liscensing man Brennan Townley, already affixing his Buckethead Zombie tie, "focusing on quality brand extensions that expand our unique game icons and experiences for our fans in authentic, meaningful ways."

Plants vs. Zombies swag is due to launch in Europe and the US in spring 2012 - right about now. Bejeweled and other brands will follow in early 2013.

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