Plants vs. Zombies

Ł1.79 from the App Store


Plants vs. Zombies currently free on Origin

Free to play! But not in a bad way.

PopCap Dublin closed, 96 jobs lost

Decision made by "PopCap leadership team" not EA.

PopCap lays off about 50 employees

"If we didn't have EA behind us, the cuts would have been worse."

New Dead Space, Need For Speed due by March 2013

Plus, EA promises more Plants vs Zombies.

Major Plants vs. Zombies HD update goes live

PopCap adds new modes and mini-games to iOS versions.

PopCap co-founder defends EA after worst company in America win

"Gamers may complain about paid DLC, but there has to be something that sits between Farmville and the $60 price point."

PopCap: Don't be afraid of free-to-play

"Wouldn't joining the party be a better use of your time than complaining about it?"

Plants vs. Zombies Vita announced

Is a Vita launch title.

Video | Plants vs. Zombies Cray-z rap video

Future generations will study this.

Exclusive Ratchet demo for PS Plus

Free Resi, Plants vs. Zombies, too.

EA buys PopCap in billion dollar deal

"Bejewled Battlefield Blitz."

Review | Mobile Games Roundup

Agent! Tower! Continuity! Angry! Zombies! Sonic! geoDefense!

Feature | Blowing Bubbles

Mobile and social gaming are in a huge valuation bubble - but that doesn't have to mean that disaster is coming.

Report: EA buying PopCap for $1 billion

Prominent US tech site makes claim.

WP7 gets Sonic, Angry Birds, more

"Six weeks of hits" announced.

EU PlayStation Store update 9th Feb

Stacking! Plants vs. Zombies! Explodemon!

Plants vs. Zombies confirmed for PSN

Plus, five more titles announced by SOE.

PopCap games half-price this week

Plus: Minkley's Meat Ceiling spotted.

PopCap pulled plug on Diablo-style RPG

"It was in beta... but something's missing."

Plants vs. Zombies on XBLA tomorrow

Introduces seedy multiplayer.

Video | Plants vs. Zombies trailer

If you go down to the garden today...

Plants vs. Zombies coming to the DS

It's due in January next year, apparently.

Video | Plants vs. Zombies trailer

You've got green on you...

Jackson pulled from Plants vs. Zombies

"Dancing Zombie" retired after complaint.

Plants vs. Zombies

Say goodbye to the dancing zombie.

Plants vs. Zombies dated for XBLA

Blossoming this September, says PopCap.

Plants vs. Zombies breaks iPhone record

As Bejeweled 2 sparkles past 3m sales.

Review | Plants vs. Zombies

Biological warfare.

Feature | PopCap's John Vechey

On Facebook, iPad, Minkley's Meat Ceiling and more.

Plants vs. Zombies iPhone dated

Plus: PopCap making EGTV meat game.

PopCap: iPad will "kickstart" creativity

"Tremendous" specs excite Bejeweled maker.

Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone this month

PopCap says so via Facebook message.

Plants vs. Zombies heading to XBLA

Er, branching out? Sorry.

Review | Plants vs. Zombies

Rot in my back yard.