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PES has exclusive Champions League rights for another three years

Neymar problems.

Konami has signed a three year deal extension for exclusive Champions League rights.

Konami and UEFA's original deal was signed in 2009. Now it's been extended, and includes this year's game, PES 2016.

The agreement means PES can feature the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League club competitions - a point of difference between Konami's game and EA's FIFA series. The UEFA Super Cup is featured within PES' long-running Master League mode.

EA retains its iron grip over much of video game football licensing, however. So expect to see that Sky Sports Premier League sheen on this year's FIFA.

Yesterday Konami announced Brazil and Barcelona forward Neymar as the cover star of PES 2016, alongside a teaser trailer, below. More will be revealed tomorrow.

Cover image for YouTube videoPES 2016 Teaser Trailer [E3 2015]