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Persona 5 Royal Endings, including how to get all Bad, Good, and True Endings

Here's how to see every possible story outcome in Royal, spoiler-free.

There are several Persona 5 Royal endings throughout this story. Some are good, many bad, but only one is true. All are possible depending on choices and competency across the game's Palaces. Thankfully, the bad endings are easy to avoid if you know what you're doing.

The original Persona 5 had multiple endings, and it’s worth mentioning that in Persona 5 Royal, you can still obtain these. This time, we’ve got three new endings that tie into Royal’s Third Semester, alongside some different unlock criteria. Some rely on dialogue choices, which will be signposted, and we’ve got some pointers below.

If you’re worried about spoilers, we’ve avoided being too specific, so don’t worry about taking a look. But we’d advise waiting until you’ve reached the true ending if you're hoping to see each ending. Some can spoil the game, so we recommend you keep making additional saves if you miss something. You can revisit them once everything’s finished.

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How to get Bad Endings in Persona 5 Royal

There are several ways to get bad endings in Persona 5 Royal throughout the game, most of which are easily avoidable. Those are:

  • At the start of the game, fail to agree to the contract given to you by Igor. It’ll return you to the main menu.
  • Fail to complete any Palace by the deadline. This one should be pretty clear, so save yourself the trouble and clear each Palace as soon as you’re ready. Careful planning can help you avoid missing deadlines.
  • When the story cuts forward to the ongoing interrogation, you can get a bad ending by responding incorrectly. To avoid this, select the first response to the interrogation’s second and third questions.

Achieving a deadline-based ending causes the game to rewind the calendar by a week, giving you another go. So, you’ve always got a second chance with these.

How to get the original Good Ending and True Ending in Persona 5 Royal

Some fans may disagree with calling this a 'Good' ending for reasons we won't elaborate on. However, because it's widely referred to as such, that’s what we’re calling it here.

Obtaining the Good and True Endings requires reaching the game's last original dungeon. If you agree to the offer, you'll get the 'Good' Ending, shortly leading into the credits. Should you decline, you’ll make your way to Persona 5’s original True Ending.

Getting the original True Ending is required to access Royal’s Third Semester, which we’ll elaborate on shortly. However, you must hit Rank 9 for the Councillor Confidant by November 17. Failure to do so prevents you from accessing Royal’s new content, instead finishing with the original True Ending.

While this isn’t mandatory, we’d recommend you get the Justice Confidant to Rank 8 by November 17 for a post-credits scene. Missing this won’t lock you out of the Third Semester, but you’ll miss a big moment. We're obviously being vague about the specifics, but the choices should be obvious when it happens.

How to get the Bad and Alternate Endings in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal introduces two new bad endings. As stated above, reaching them requires first unlocking Persona 5’s original True Ending. Once you’ve gotten to the Third Semester, you’ll receive an offer on January 9 and, should you initially refuse it, again on February 2. Accepting this offer at either point initiates the new bad ending.

Of course, we couldn’t have a new Palace in Persona 5 Royal without one last bad ending for failing to meet the deadline. To view this, reject that initial offer on January 9, then fail to secure a route to the treasure by February 2. Then, watch this depressing scene unfold.

How to get the True Ending and Bonus Scene in Persona 5 Royal

Unlocking Persona 5 Royal’s true ending is pretty straightforward once you’ve reached the Third Semester. You must reject both offers on January 9 and February 2, secure a route to the final Palace’s treasure, and beat the boss. Once done, watch the new ending scene roll.

As previously mentioned, a short post-credits bonus scene is unlockable by getting the Justice Confidant to Rank 8 before November 17. Afterwards, the final two Ranks automatically unlock as the story advances. Once that’s done, congratulations, you’ve finished Persona 5 Royal.

Have fun unlocking all the endings in Persona 5 Royal!