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Persona 5 Royal Fusions, including how to create the best possible Personas in the Velvet Room

Here’s how each Persona can reach its full potential.

Learning to create Persona 5 Royal Fusions is one of the most fundamental skills required to survive. By sticking to your original Personas, you won't get far between the game's many Palaces and Mementos.

Uniquely to the protagonist, Joker has what’s known as the 'Wild Card' ability, letting him wield multiple Personas at once. Creating a varied team allows you to effectively exploit elemental weaknesses for any opponent that comes your way in Persona 5 Royal. Depending on your active Persona (the first on your party list), they also provide Joker with new resistances and weaknesses.

We won’t detail every Persona and their potential Fusions across this guide. Instead, we’re providing advice on the best Personas and obtaining them. Just remember that you can only change Joker’s Personas. Every other Phantom Thief is locked to a set Persona, but they can evolve into second and third-tiers upon advancing through each Thief’s Social Link.

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How Persona 5 Royal's Fusion in the Velvet Room works

The quickest way to acquire new Personas is by negotiating with them to join your party during combat. However, Persona 5 Royal’s Velvet Room lets you create new Personas and strengthen existing ones by sacrificing others. The number of combinations is overwhelming, but you can see the likely result beforehand, and you can only fuse Personas stronger than Joker’s own level.

Beyond standard fusions between two Personas, Royal provides access to a 'Group Guillotine,' letting you fuse three or more Personas at once. That’s unlocked through Caroline and Justine’s Social Link, which involves bringing them a set Persona with specific abilities. Group Guillotine unlocks at Rank 1, and by Rank 8, you’ll receive the 'Guillotine Booster' to fuse more than four Personas.

Fusing Personas is also where your Confidant social rank comes into play. Every Persona is linked to an Arcana, and every Confidant represents one Arcana. For example, if Ann’s (Lovers Arcana) Social Link is Rank 8, Personas of the Lovers Arcana will receive much more power than Arcana’s you’ve otherwise neglected. Some of the best Personas are only obtained through Fusion once you’ve maxed out a Social Link.

Either way, creating Personas that are much more powerful than you'll otherwise find in the wild is possible. Fused Personas can also inherit some abilities from their 'parents' in this process, and you’ll be able to select which. So, with some tinkering, you can create some well-rounded results.

If you're having trouble finding any of the required source Personas, you may be able to fuse those from others in your possession; check the 'Fusion by result' section in the Velvet Room. Finding them in Mementos is easier to achieve on higher difficulties as you're more likely to stun rather than outright kill enemies, thus making it easier to acquire their Persona. You can adjust the difficulty level at any point.

How to create the best Personas through Fusing in Persona 5 Royal

Excluding Personas obtained through DLC, Satanael is the strongest Persona in the game, boasting the highest raw stats and resistances across the board. Unfortunately, it can only be unlocked during New Game+. If you don’t fancy spending about 120 hours doing this all again, plenty of alternatives still pack a significant punch.

Persona 5 introduced several new elemental attacks missing from Persona 3 or Persona 4, which remains unchanged in Royal. As a trade-off, you’ve no longer got complete immunity to any particular elements, but you can still significantly buff Joker. Pick a target Persona with plenty of natural immunities that can be formed by fusing three or more Personas; Yoshitsune, Kohyru, or Black Frost are good examples.

Next, we suggest finding other Personas with passive skill-based immunities that are inheritable and cover gaps: Black Frost has no resistance against Electric damage, but Barong's Null Electric or Mot's Repel Electric can patch this hole. The final fusion will depend on several factors, including your Persona’s base level and the Arcana Rank, so your results may vary.

We’d recommend spending some time in the lower reaches of Mementos when it’s raining. More enemy reinforcements are about, but rare items, including Skill Cards, can also be found. There’s plenty to consider, some of which unfortunately comes down to luck, but the Fusion results are worth it.

What is the Velvet Room’s Fusion Alarm in Persona 5 Royal?

Persona 5 Royal contains an exclusive new feature, Fusion Alarms. Introduced after securing a route to the third Palace’s treasure, this event occurs randomly after winning battles but also manually via Chihaya Mifune. After reaching Rank 8, request a Celestial Reading for ¥20,000 to trigger the alarm. Once activated, Joker indicates he’s feeling uneasy, and the Velvet Room’s cell door has a red glow.

Once inside, you can request to turn this off by speaking with Justine, but let’s not be hasty. Carrying out Fusions during an alarm gives your Persona further stat boosts alongside different skills and more skill inheritance slots. Should you fuse a Treasure Demon during this time, they’re treated as five levels higher than usual, providing a significant power boost.

However, this also has its risks. Your first Persona fused during the alarm is indicated by a gold name; should you try fusing it again, there’s a high chance of causing a Fusion Accident. Should this happen, your intended Persona will have a different set of skills, and the alarm ends.

Have fun fusing Personas in Persona 5 Royal!

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