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Persona 5 Royal Will Seed locations, where to find Red, Blue, and Green Will Seeds in all Palaces

Every Seed in every Palace listed.

Persona 5 Royal Will Seeds are a new set of collectibles that didn’t appear in the original game.

Adding a fresh twist to palaces, there are now three Will Seeds to find within each of them, coloured red, green, and blue. You won’t find them in the Depth of Mementos area, but there is an eighth palace that didn’t feature in the original Persona 5.

In Persona 5 Royal, you visit this new location during the Third Semester in January, and it also contains Will Seeds.

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Will Seed locations:

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Persona 5 Royal — Take Over Trailer | Xbox GamePass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows

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How Will Seeds work in Persona 5 Royal

Much like the palace rulers, most sets of Will Seeds (eighth palace aside) is named after one of the seven deadly sins. For the blue seeds specifically, each one is guarded by a mini-boss, too. Finding all three Will Seeds for each palace unlocks an accessory you can't obtain any other way. Once you got the seeds, you first unlock a crystal with a standard skill other normal accessories can hold. Bring them to Jose in Mementos, however, and he'll give you a trinket with a unique, advantageous ability.

If you don't feel like hunting the Will Seeds down, or you simply missed one, you can buy them from Jose after completing the palace. Just keep in mind that these cost 400 flowers each, an amount that can be a bit annoying to grind. That is, unless you haven't been in Mementos for a while and are exploring a new part of the maze.

Persona 5 Royal Will Seed rewards explained

Generally, you can find the Will Seeds by just making your way through the palace as you normally would. Mona will alert you every time he senses a seed nearby, just like he does when you're close to a safe room.

You should take those few extra minutes to find them, as you'll unlock the following rewards with each full set of Will Seeds from their respective Palaces:

  1. Ring of Lust - Champions Cup: gives the wearer a unique two-in-one skill (cast healing a medium amount of HP and increasing attack for 3 turns)
  2. Ring of Vanity - Bleeding Dry Brush: nullifies the wearer's weaknesses (cast a barrier against physical and magic attacks)
  3. Ring of Gluttony - Deflect all attacks except Almighty once
  4. Ring of Wrath - Wings of Wisdom: increases wearer's agility for 3 turns at the start of combat
  5. Ring of Greed - Increases wearer's attack for 3 turns at the start of combat
  6. Ring of Envy - Wearer's first magic attack does double damage
  7. Ring of Pride - Wearer's first physical attack does double damage
  8. Ring of Sorrow - Knock down all enemies with your first attack

With these in mind, here's where to find all Will Seeds in Persona 5 Royal:

Persona 5 Royal Kamoshida Palace Will Seed locations

Here’s how to find the Will Seed locations in the Kamoshida Palace of Persona 5 Royal:

Red Lust Seed location

Follow the hallway in the East Building Annex just as you normally would in order to get to the next staircase. Just before the staircase, you'll notice a path that leads to the left, signified by one of the goat's head statues you've previously seen around the palace.

Walking down the hallway leads to a balcony where you can use your grappling hook to swing to another balcony. The door to the Will Seed is right on the balcony you've swung to, guarded by a Shadow.

Green Lust Seed location

Using the grappling hook, scale the central tower from the outside until you reach a window to climb through. Here, you'll find a door that leads you to your next location, and a stack of wooden crates.

Climb onto the crates to reach a duct to crawl through. You'll end up outside again, where you can use the grappling hook again to reach another window at the very top of the tower. You'll drop into a room with the door to the next Will Seed.

Blue Lust Seed Location

Take the elevator at the lower level of the tower. It will take you to a room with two corridors - one with a portrait of Kamoshida at the end, and one with another elevator that you can't operate yet. Go through the portrait to the main hall.

Go all the way to the right and open the gate to a secret room with some giant, wooden gears. Set them into motion and come back the way you came from - the lift will run now and take you straight to the last Will Seed for this palace.

Persona 5 Royal Madarame Palace Will Seed locations

Below you’ll find the Will Seed locations hidden within the Madarame Palace of Persona 5 Royal:

Red Vanity Seed location

Go up the stairs from the second exhibition room where you've saved your friends from the electric bars. The next level comes with two small rooms and a balcony in between. On the balcony, you can use the grappling hook to get onto the rafters.

Run across until you can drop down behind a brick-like wall and there's your door.

Green Vanity Seed location

After walking through various landscape paintings in the treasure hall, you enter the treasure hall gallery, a new part of this dungeon that only exists in Persona 5 Royal. At the end of the hallway, a locked door leads to the next will seed.

Go around the corner to your right and look up until you find a spot to use your grappling hook. Once up, you can't miss the switch for the door.

Blue Vanity Seed Location

In the museum's final room, find an open vent in the right-hand hallway. It will lead to, you guessed it, a balcony where you can use your grappling hook. Jump across the platforms to a second vent and open the door in the next room, then go back. You'll drop out near a safe room. Follow the hallway to the left. The door is guarded by a shadow.

Persona 5 Royal Kaneshiro Palace Will Seed locations

Here you’ll find the Will Seed locations for the Kaneshiro Palace in Persona 5 Royal:

Red Gluttony Seed location

In the Banker Passageway, all the way right of the two staircases, there's a hallway that appears to lead to a dead end. If you walk all the way down the path, you'll find an opportunity to use your grappling hook to swing up and find the room with the Will Seed.

Green Gluttony Seed

Crawl through the vent at the end of the Laundering Office corridor, then drop down the platforms until you're at the bottom. From there, you can swing with your grappling hook across a pool of money to the Will Seed.

Blue Gluttony Seed

At the very end of the Underground vault, right before you take the lift the boss fight, you have the opportunity to once again use a switch to access a staircase at the innermost ring. (The little dots on the map signify where the switches are.) The stairs lead to the door with the Will Seed, which is guarded by a Shadow Cerberus.

Persona 5 Royal Futaba Palace Will Seed locations

Here’s where to find the Will Seed locations in the Futaba Palace of Persona 5 Royal:

Red Wrath Seed location

After shattering the wall in the Chamber of Rejection, follow the path to the exit until you see a room with a treasure chest on your map. Next to it, you can jump on top of a sarcophagus on your right, then walk on until you reach the room with the Will Seed.

Green Wrath Seed location

In the chamber of guilt, you can now find two extra binary codes for the coffin puzzle. Arrange the rows by the codes R01100 and B10011, and the red door on top of the stairs will open.

Blue Wrath Seed location

Cross the floating digital platforms in the Chamber of Sanctuary and go south. You'll find a second room with platforms. Jump from platform to platform until you find a wooden beam that you can kick down, then use that beam to get to a bright green platform that you can grapple to.

The door for the will seed is on that platform, but it's guarded by a Shadow.

Persona 5 Royal Okumura Palace Will Seed locations

Below you’ll find the Will Seed locations for the Okumura Palace in Persona 5 Royal:

Red Greed Seed location

You can cross the ring-like structure in the Facility Pathway counter-clockwise until you find a grappling hook opportunity. The Will Seed sits right at the end of the corridor you've swung to.

Green Greed Seed location

To the right of the Export Line safe room, walk up the ramp until you reach a grappling point, then climb up a set of pipes and follow them to a vent. You'll see the door with the second seed as soon as you've left the vent.

Blue Greed Seed location

This is part of the airlock puzzles at the Central Factory Transfer Line. Take the first two active alpha airlocks, then use the switch to activate the gamma airlocks. Take the gamma airlock right next to the switch you just used. Go down the corridor and use the next gamma airlock, then go down the hall and activate the alpha airlocks once again. The alpha airlock right next to that switch will finally get you to the Will Seed, which is once again guarded by an enemy.

Persona 5 Royal Nijima Palace Will Seed locations

Below lies the Will Seed locations for the Nijima Palace in Persona 5 Royal:

Red Envy Seed location

In the staff-only area near the Corridor safe room you can jump across a few obstacles, then, follow the path around a corner until you reach a door with a security lock. Unlock the door and the Will Seed is yours.

Green Envy Seed location

Walk through the slot room and then through the corridor to the left and up the stairs that lead to the employee-only area of that part of the casino. Follow the corridor south then turn left, where you can jump over some obstacles until you find a small part of the room where some cardboard boxes are stacked. You can use your grappling hook there, taking you to a hallway with the second Will Seed for this Palace.

Blue Envy Seed location

To the left of the safe room in the High-Limit Lobby, you can jump up a pedestal and then grapple to the roof. Walk the beams in a clockwise direction until you can jump up another platform, then enter a vent at the end of it. You will come out in a hallway with the door to the Will Seed, guarded by Shadow casino staff.

Persona 5 Royal Shido Palace Will Seed locations

Here you’ll find the Will Seed locations in Shido Palace of Persona 5 Royal:

Red Pride Seed location

Enter the room to the right of the Mid-Starboard Hallway safe room and through the northern door to the large room, where you take the stairs up. You'll find our good friend, the balcony you can grapple from. Then go through a vent to your left and exit the room with the first Pride Seed.

Green Pride Seed location

Walk through the first set of rooms of the Lower Port Hallway and up the stairs. From the stairs, walk north until you find the device that will transform you into mice in certain rooms of the map.

Walk all the way northeast past the room with the treasure until you reach a room where you turn into mice and use a vent. Once you leave the vent, you'll turn back, and there's your Green Pride Seed.

Blue Pride Seed location

In the Side Deck portion of this palace, once you can scale up the cruiser from the location to the right of the safe room, go up the platforms to the right under the large 'the ark of elite' sign. You'll end up on a platform you can grapple from. Jump over the wall and enter a hallway. Go right, then up until you enter a large room with an enemy. Behind him is the door to the last Will Seed.

Persona 5 Royal Maruki Palace Will Seed locations

Here’s where to find the Will Seed locations in Maruki Palace in Persona 5 Royal:

Red Sorrow Seed location

Go north in the Laboratory Monitoring Room until you reach a set of stairs and you'll find a room with a treasure chest. Past the chest, there's a vent, followed by a few platforms to jump across until you're at the door with the Red Sorrow Seed.

Green Sorrow Seed location

From the Research Ward safe room, take the spiral staircase to the east, then walk through this level until you get to the spiral staircase in the southwestern corner of the map. Go through the big laboratory until you reach the spiral staircase in the north, then immediately the next spiral staircase to your left. You're now in a room with a locked door and a treasure chest.

In the middle of the room, you can use your grappling hook (be careful, there's a Shadow walking around). Walk through the next hallway until you can drop down in a new laboratory. Leave it and you'll find a hallway with a broken window pane. After smashing it, all you need to do is follow the path to the next Will Seed.

Blue Sorrow Seed

This puzzle for the last seed seed is a bit of a doozy: In the second level of the Twilight corridor, past the staircase you enable using purple light, enable the first green switch, then walk south over the first and second blue bridge. You're now at another switch - disable the blue light here. Walk over the two red bridges to your right, then the green one until you hit another switch. Here, disable the red light and turn on the blue light instead. Walk across the green bridge to your left to end up on the very first platform.

Walk down the two blue stairs again and then the teal one. Here you can turn on the red light. This is the part of the puzzle you need to solve in order to progress through the Palace regularly. Save at the newly unlocked safe room in the next area.The reason we solved this puzzle first is that you'll need to do it over twice if you're trying to get to the Will seed without having finished this part first. Trust me, I've done it, you don't want that. Trust me, you don't want that.

Cover image for YouTube videoLaboratory Blue Will Seed - How to solve the color puzzle and open the path to the final Will Seed
Laboratory Blue Will Seed - How to solve the color puzzle and open the path to the final Will Seed

Thank you to PerfectParadox for uploading the above video to YouTube.

Walk back down and disable the red light again. Walk all the way back to the switch to the right of the first one at the original entrance to the area, enable red, and disable blue. Walk south across the green and red bridges to the next switch, disable green and enable blue. Walk across the red bridge to the right of that switch again. You're now on a new platform, where you can jump across a large platform. Walk across the blue bridge to your left. Disable blue and enable green at the new switch.

You should now have a green and a yellow bridge enabled, leading further south. Walk across the green bridge to the next switch. Disable green, then walk across the red bridge to your right. Now a party member will flag up the Will Seed, but you're not there yet, as the way onward is barred by red vines. Thankfully, there's a switch right there where you can disable the red light. Now, all you need to do is beat the Shadow and the last Will Seed of Persona 5 Royal is yours.

Have fun finding all the Will Seeds in Persona 5 Royal!

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