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People are using the PS4 and PlayRoom to stream a call-in show

UPDATE: And finally! The Spartan Show has gone to bed.

UPDATE: And finally, The Spartan Show has gone to bed after a marathon streaming session that lasted through the night.

Unfortunately Sony's Shuhei Yoshida didn't call in. But there's always tomorrow...

Have we witnessed the birth of something special? A new format for budding internet celebrities? Time will tell.

ORIGINAL STORY: People are using the PlayStation 4 to stream a call-in show and people are actually calling in.

The Spartan Show is doing very well indeed. A husband and wife are using the PlayStation 4, augmented reality game PlayRoom and a PlayStation Camera to stream via the Twitch app. At the time of publication 5000 people were watching. They've had nearly 15,000 views so far.

They're accepting calls, and people are actually calling in just to wish them well. At one point PlayStation US publisher and developer relations specialist Adam Boyes rang to say what the pair were doing was "pretty rad".

"We always just thought people would do streams," Boyes said. "We never thought people would do them with PlayRoom." Surely it won't be long before Shuhei Yoshida picks up the phone.

The Spartan Show is based in Washington, US, where it's some terrible hour in the morning. The pair look very, very tired.

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