The PlayRoom

PlayStation announces job losses at Sony London, San Diego studios

Sony has announced a range of job losses on both sides of the Atlantic - first at Singstar developer Sony London and then at San Diego Studio.

Sony London has recently been working on London Heist, a PlayStation VR exclusive starring a Jason Statham-style character in a bullet-ridden getaway. The demo was used to pitch the PlayStation VR internally and was later upgraded to a full project.

The developer's past projects include work on Playroom, Wonderbook, Singstar and EyeToy.

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Witness PS4's The PlayRoom, as demoed by Jimmy Fallon and Ice-T

Abuse robots, play virtual Pong and spray champagne.

US talk show host Jimmy Fallon, along with fellow gamer Ice-T, televised an early look at the PS4 last night in which the comedian and rapper took a spin with The PlayRoom, Double Fine's quirky software that comes pre-installed on the console.