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PS4 voice commands limited at launch

Can't use voice to turn console on or pause videos.

The PlayStation Camera.

You can't "wake up" the PlayStation 4 using a voice command.

Nor can you tell a video to pause.

However, you can turn the PS4 off using your voice, and start games.

During an event in New York, Sony told Engadget it plans to add Kinect-style functionality to the PS4 over time, rather than have it available at launch.

At launch none of the third-party apps on PS4 will support voice commands. A Sony representative told Engadget it hopes more apps will integrate voice commands in the future.

The PlayStation 4 does not come bundled with the new £54.99 PlayStation Camera. The Xbox One, in contrast, comes with the new Kinect.

In the run up to both consoles' launch Microsoft has made much of the Xbox One's gesture and voice command features, which make heavy use of Kinect. Sony, on the other hand, has downplayed PS4's voice and gesture functionality.

The PS4 comes with a mono headset that is used for voice chat for online games and optional voice commands for PS4 system functions, Sony said.

If you enable voice control mode, you can use voice commands to start up a game or take a screenshot. At launch, six languages will be supported (English (US and UK), Spanish (European), Italian, French (European), German, Japanese), with more to come following future system software updates.

Each PS4 console comes with The Playroom pre-installed. The Playroom is an interactive experience that uses a combination of the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4. You can also use the PlayStation Camera to narrate live gameplay streaming to Twitch or Ustream.