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Peggle's Jimmy Lightning returns in new Peggle 2 DLC

"Now with more balls."

Peggle 2 will soon receive its second DLC expansion, in the gopher-shaped size of Peggle 1 master Jimmy Lightning.

There's no date or price for the add-on yet, but footage of the returning character and his new suite of levels has been teased via the official Peggle Facebook page.

As in the first Peggle, Lightning's special power is to grant users multiple balls at once.

The Achievements for the Jimmy Lightning's Bigger, Better Balls pack have already popped up online, so an imminent release for the pack seems likely.

Peggle 2 originally launched on Xbox One last December and arrived for Xbox 360 in May. The first DLC, Windy's Master Pack, showed up in April priced just £1.59/$2.

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