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Peggle 2 to receive Duel mode for free

Cue the Die Hard music.

Peggle 2 is going to receive the competitive Duel mode in which players compete on the same board taking turns to see who can rack up the highest score.

Available for free in both online and local multiplayer, Duel mode is due "as soon as we possibly can [make it]," according to PopCap producer Jared Neuss, who made the announcement on the Peggle 2 Facebook page. "We loved Duel mode in the original Peggle and can't wait to bring it into the updated world of Peggle 2!"

Neuss noted that the developer would be adding more features to the gravity-predicting game in the future, but he remained mum on exactly what these would entail. "There are lots of surprises in store for Peggle 2 fans and we'll be bringing you regular updates as we continue to expand and add to the world that we've built."

Our Chris Donlan noted in his Peggle 2 review that PopCap's sequel "is still a wonderful game, but to a super-fan there are too many things that feel miscalibrated," like not using Ode to Joy all the time when passing a stage.