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Peggle 2 review

Peggle 2 review

Extreme fever?

Got any ideas as to how you might improve Peggle? Neither has PopCap, by the looks of it. Peggle 2 is the most straightforward kind of sequel imaginable - it's more Peggle. Quite a lot more, actually. There are 60 levels, 60 mission-type things called trials, multiplayer, and four new masters, each with their own special power. Otherwise, it's the same ball-bouncing, point-scoring charm offensive you might have expected. Is that such a bad thing?

Perhaps it's a mild disappointment if you were hoping for some kind of evolution, but at least the whole enterprise hasn't been broken on the wheel of microtransactions. Despite a cart icon on the start screen that promises a shop of some manner will be coming soon, the flow of play is entirely without grind across the full length of the campaign and it's hard to see - beyond multiplayer costumes, perhaps, or new modes and level packs - where the sort of stuff you'll be paying for will fit in.

If you're new to Peggle, the basics are simple and intoxicating. PopCap's riffing on Pachinko: you fire a ball bearing from a pivoting turret at the top of the screen, and as it falls it bounces between a series of brightly-coloured pegs. Your basic task is to hit all the orange pegs scattered among the blue pegs before you run out of balls.

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Downloadable Xbox One games have 1000 Gamerscore

UPDATE: Microsoft confirms, "Xbox One games are games".

UPDATE: Microsoft has now officially confirmed the change in policy for Xbox One download-only games, which will have the same amount of Gamerscore as retail titles.

Xbox One timed-exclusive Peggle 2 delayed from launch

PopCap's Xbox One launch title Peggle 2 has been delayed until December, the developer has confirmed.

The physics-based ball puzzler is now considered a "launch timeframe" game, but should still arrive within a few weeks of Microsoft's new console.

"Peggle 2 is a 'launch timeframe' title, but will not launch day-and-date with the Xbox One," PopCap senior PR director Garth Chouteau told VentureBeat. "Instead, it will become available a few weeks later in December."

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This is what timed Xbox One exclusive Peggle 2 looks like

PopCap has released a trio of short gameplay videos for puzzle game Peggle 2.

PopCap briefly mentioned a Peggle sequel during EA's E3 2013 press conference. It wasn't until EA's Gamescom press conference in August that we learnt it would be a timed Xbox One exclusive.

The videos, below, showcase three of Peggle 2's Masters: Luna, Berg and, of course, the original Peggle Master Bjorn.

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Peggle 2, PVZ: Garden Warfare will launch first on Xbox One

Peggle 2, PVZ: Garden Warfare will launch first on Xbox One

UPDATE: Xbox One-exclusive mode, Russell Brand to lend voice.

UPDATE: PopCap has just announced new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare details during EA's Gamescom press conference.

Set to launch first on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PopCap confirmed you'll be able to play as both plants and zombies, the latter of which can be customised and decked out in various classes.

While the game will come to other platforms later, Xbox One will get the just-announced Boss Mode as an exclusive. The offering uses Kinect and SmartGlass functionality and sees you control either Crazy Dave or evil Doctor Zomboss - voiced by none other than Russell Brand.

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