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Payday 3's new stealth gameplay trailer ends up being so stealthy nobody can find it

Hint eventually given via bad poetry.

A promotional image for Payday 3 showing its four clown-masked protagonists posing together with their weapons drawn.
Image credit: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 developer Starbreeze Studios has released a new trailer showcasing its upcoming heist shooter's stealth gameplay. Unfortunately, it released it so sneakily, it went undiscovered for five days and the studio ended up having to tell everyone where it'd hidden it.

In a moment of perhaps misguided whimsy, someone at Starbreeze (thanks PC Gamer) thought it would be a fun idea to hide its new trailer in appropriately stealthy fashion by squirrelling it behind the existing trailer on the Payday 3 website - so that it only popped into view when the volume slider was turned all the way down or when the site was visited in Incognito mode.

Starbreeze began to realise it might have been a bit too sneaky when, some five days later, the trailer still lay undiscovered. And so - after an initial, ultimately failed prompt on Twitter - the studio turned, somewhat inexplicably, to the medium of exceptionally bad poetry in a desperate bid to nudge fans in the right direction.

Payday 3 stealth gameplay trailer.Watch on YouTube

"You did nothing wrong, but we've waited so long. Were we mistaken? Should another path have been taken?," it warbled in a follow-up tweet shared over the weekend. "We have shown you violent, now we try to show you silent. Think not like in a riot but try to be quiet. Start at the page, turn down the gage or simply drop the burrito and go..."

Then finally, earlier today, the studio let out the Twitter equivalent of an audible exhale, announcing that, "Some days and hints later, this stealth heist [trailer] was finally discovered". And to celebrate the momentous occasion, it posted the full thing to YouTube, possibly as a tiny voice in the back of its head wondered if maybe it should have just done that in the first place. But then would I have been writing about it now if they did? We may never know.

Anyway, you'll find Payday 3's stealth trailer above, and the game itself - which, we now know, will be always-online, and, less controversially, focused on refinements rather than radical change - launches for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam and Epic) on 21st September.

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