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Payday 3 requires an always-on online connection

"I do believe we need you to be online."

Payday 3 requires an always-online game connection, even if you're playing alone.

That's according to a recent Payday 2 livestream with Almir Listo, Starbreeze's global brand director, who confirmed the news whilst fielding questions from fans about the upcoming shooter. You can watch the answer yourself at the 9m 17s point in the video below:

PAYDAY 2 with AlmirWatch on YouTube

When asked if Payday 3 will have "an offline mode, like playing solo", Almir replied: "No. You will be able to play it by yourself, but I do believe you will have to have a connection in order to play because it's made in the Unreal Engine, it's using cross-progression, [and] cross-play. I do believe we need you to be online."

The news has not gone down well with all corners of the Payday community, particularly its passionate modders, with some going as far as to say that they will now cancel their pre-order because it will not be playable offline.

"Was very disappointed to find out that Payday 3 will not be playable offline," added one disgruntled player on the Steam forums. "I will not be buying PD3, nor will I buy any future games from your company."

"Hard pass for me, I was even willing to accept your microtransactions and FOMO bs greed to play this game," added another. "I played enough Hitman to accept always online is complete garbage and no reason for it unless you're making a MMO. I feel bad for people getting home from work just for the servers to be down or under maintenance bEcAUSe OnLiNe OnLy."

However, not all fans are as concerned about the decision.

"Not gonna lie, I was mad myself but had time to think it over and come to the conclusion that I don’t really care if it’s always online or not," added another. "We gain nothing for it being always online, but I want to play Payday 3 since I’m hyped so whatever."

In other Payday 3 news, Starbreeze has released a new teaser to show off the shooter's stealth gameplay… but only if you know where to look.

"On the surface, Payday 3 isn't a sequel that radically changes the series' established formula," Ian wrote in his recent Payday 3 preview.

"Instead, it improves on what was already good about Payday 2, and makes the series' heisting action feel far more believable. Starbreeze has always said it wanted to make the ultimate criminal fantasy game and, from what I played at a recent hands-on event, it definitely feels like Payday 3 takes a big step in the right direction."

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