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Pair of Yakuza 3 demos up

Loitering on Japanese Store.

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Those of you with sneaky eyes will have noticed two fresh samplers for Yakuza 3 on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

The game is called Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 in those reaches of the world and you can get at it by creating a Japanese account claiming you live there and enjoy it very much.

According to our cherished forum-goer disc, the first and biggest of the two is a narrative taster at 960MB. Here you can amble around fetching some bits and pieces for quests, as well as draw a picture to unlock a new finishing move. You should also get into a couple of scrapes and enjoy some swanky cut-scenes.

The other demo is collection of mini-games: one has you trying to win the affection of a Geisha, another riding on horseback while shooting things and avoiding obstacles, while the last focuses on arena combat against a varied range of opponents.

So far Yakuza 3 is only confirmed for Japan, although SEGA recently confirmed the second game in the series would make its way to the US.

Meanwhile, us Europeans have only been treated to the first third-person action title, missing out on the other two due to poor western sales.

Pop over to our Yakuza 3 gamepage for a spattering of videos, or slice into our Yakuza 1 review to see what's what.

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