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Yakuza 3 confirmed

But not for Europe, sadly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has confirmed to Eurogamer that Yakuza 3 is in development for PS3.

It's due for a Spring release next year in Japan, but is currently unconfirmed for Europe.

Details on the new offering are still scarce, but we expect to be plunged once more into the criminal underbelly of Japan to explore, investigate and fight our way to victory and respect.

Yakuza is an action adventure series about the gangster movement of the same name, featuring lots of tattoos and fancy samurai swords. The first game on PS2 reviewed very positively here, but unfortunately failed to drum-up significant sales figures. This lead to the sequel being a Japan-only release.

While the PS3 version isn't an impossibility for Europe, it would have to undergo lengthy translation work, and probably wouldn't appear here until much later.

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