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Overwatch's Ashe to get patch to fix "unusable" Halloween skin

I haven't got you in my sights.

Overwatch's Halloween update dropped earlier this week and introduced some brand new spooky skins and cosmetics for a handful of the characters. But one new Warlock skin for Ashe doesn't quite work as intended.

Most legendary skins in the game change the way each hero's weapons look (as well as considerable changes to rest of their outfits, of course), but Ashe's new skin has made her sights extremely bright and opaque, making it pretty difficult to actually see enemies when aiming.

Ashe's ADS on a normal skin VS her ADS on her Warlock skin.

Reddit user chuck1337norris made a post about the issue, providing the images above and stating that it made the skin "pretty unusable" - unfortunate for Ashe fans who've been waiting for her to get a cool new event skin.

Fortunately, Jeff Kaplan himself took to Reddit to assuage everyone's fears, and let players know a fix is indeed being worked on.

update: fix in progress for ashe's warlock skin aim down site issue from r/Overwatch
The proposed fix.

We don't know yet when the fix will be implemented, but fans can rest assured that Jeff Kaplan is on the case.

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