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Overwatch's third annual Halloween Terror event has begun

Trick or treaty.

Overwatch's annual Halloween event dropped last night, after almost no indication from Blizzard it was even happening.

The official Overwatch Twitter account posted the below teaser the day before the event went live - featuring a terrifying emote of Zenyatta actually using his legs.

Maybe Blizzard intended to drop the Halloween Terror event as a bit of a surprise, though the lack of discussion with fans comes across as a bit shady following the backlash from the Hong Kong protests.

Regardless of this however, the Halloween event has returned, running from the 15th of October to the 4th November, and bringing with it some spooky new cosmetic items.

There are highlight intros for both Ashe and McCree; pumpkin victory poses for Pharah, Reinhardt and Sigma; and five new legendary skins, including a Willow-O'-Wisp Tracer and a Mummy Ana.

Alright, so Ana's skin is called 'Pharaoh' but come on, she's literally a mummy.

Unfortunately, there still isn't a new Halloween brawl, we're stuck with Junkenstein's Revenge for the third year running. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as Jeff Kaplan mentioned in a developer update last year this would be the case - even still, it's a bit disappointing given other seasonal events have multiple brawls.

Weekly challenges are also returning for this event however, by winning nine matches in quick play, competitive or arcade each week you can earn epic skins for Junkrat and Baptiste. In the third week, completing the challenge will reward you with Sombra's Demon Hunter skin, which was originally a Blizzcon exclusive last year.

The Halloween update also brought with it a whole host of balance changes to the hero roster, in what Blizzard dubbed a "remaster" patch.

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Before you go emptying your wallet on all the pretty new event skins however, it might be worth reading a little about why Blizzard isn't in everyone's good books at the minute.