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How to complete Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2

Can't get to Hunter's Dream, though.

Crouch at the lantern for 6 seconds while the ghost is active is a special Wrath of the Bride Halloween challenge called Lantern Lit in Overwatch 2.

For completing the Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2 you'll receive 1,000 XP towards the current Battle Pass. Not as exciting as a cosmetic, but it will help toward unlocking heroes and other rewards.

There are a lot of lanterns in the Wrath of the Bride mode in Overwatch 2, and it's not clear just who the ghost is, so we've explained how to complete the Lantern Lit challenge below.

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For help with other Halloween challenges, check out our guides on Ominous Portent, Witch's Brew, and Photozomb.

How to complete Overwatch 2 Lantern Lit challenge

If you haven't already, you need to unlock Arcade Mode first in order to gain access to the Halloween event challenges in Overwatch 2. This requires you to play fifteen matches in Quick Play first.

When you do unlock Arcade, select the Wrath of the Bride and choose your difficulty. We highly recommend just playing the 'story' mode if you only want to play to complete little challenges like Lantern Lit.

Play through the story and objectives of Wrath of the Bride until you reach the barricaded castle. Once you defeat the castle guards outside, Ashe will have to burn the castle door with her Dynamite ability. You'll have to do this yourself if you're playing Ashe.

We've also got an Overwatch 2 tier list to help you decide who to main in each role once you unlock all heroes, a Competitive Mode and MIT explainers, and all the Season 1 Battle Pass skins you can unlock.

The next objective is to 'find the lord of the castle', but before you locate him, the Unstoppable Ghost will spawn at the top of some stairs. This is the ghost that needs to be active in order to complete the Lantern Lit challenge, and living up to his name, can't be killed.

The lantern you need to crouch at for 6 seconds to complete the Lantern Lit challenge is to the left of where the Unstoppable Ghost spawns. Run past him and crouch at the lantern, and when you've crouched long enough, you'll get the 'Lantern Lit challenge complete' message in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

If you are downed while crouching at the lantern, it won't count - but if you're playing on story mode and a teammate doesn't revive you soon, you'll get up on your own anyway and can try again.

Progress through the rest of the level and defeat the boss to finish it, but make sure to strike a pose with the bride during her introduction to complete the Photozomb challenge too!

Hope you're having fun this Halloween in Overwatch 2!

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