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One RDR murder every six minutes

Rockstar trots-out eye-opening stats.

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Someone was murdered in Red Dead Redemption every six minutes during the first two weeks of the game's release.

That means there were a whopping 132,904,068 murders in total, according to Rockstar-released stats gathered by GameSpy.

Those numbers deduced that every RDR player has been run over five times.

RDR witnessed 15,072,596 executions in those two weeks. That's 15,000 times the amount of real people executed in the United States since 1975.

In-game soldier deaths amounted to 13,250,327 - a number equal to the Soviet and American deaths of World War II combined.

Slightly more uplifting figures recorded were 5,773,917 hats shot off during duels, $3bn spent in-game, 8.6 litres of alcohol drunk on average by characters and 300,000 miles travelled by train. That last number equates to travelling around the world 12 times.

The most hunted animal were deer, which lost 28 million of their species.

To accrue all of that, you spent 14 million hours playing the game. You'd need to play for 3710 years on your own to reach such dizzying numbers.

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