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Old Supreme Court judge making game

Wants to teach you a bit of law.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Former Supreme Court judge Sandra Day O'Connor reckons she can make a game to teach you some court lessons.

Dubbed Our Courts, her project will be offered for free to kids between 12 to 15 years-old, and hopefully fill you in on how courtrooms work and what judges are really like.

She's quite old now at 78, so US universities will be making the game for her, and she hopes to have something tangible by September.

"It will allow students to engage in real legal issues," O'Connor told Reuters, giving the example of a debate sparked by someone wearing a controversial T-shirt.

O'Connor hopes to entice students to use her game to fill one of the 40 media-filled hours of spare time studies show they engage in each week.

"If we can capture just a little bit of that time to get them thinking about government and civic engagement rather than playing shoot-'em-up video games, that's a huge step in the right direction."

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