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Grab the 128GB Oculus Quest 2 for just £249 and get a £50 gift card

New Amazon promotion slashes an extra £50 off the Quest 2.

Update: Amazon has now reverted the price back to £299, but you can still purchase the headset from Very here and use the code: TVGMR for £50 cashback, bringing the total cost down to £249.

A new Cyber Monday promotion from Amazon UK reduces the price of the Oculus Quest 2 128GB headset to £249 and also includes a £50 Amazon gift card. If you were already planning on doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon, you're essentially grabbing the Quest 2 for £199. Not bad at all.

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The £50 gift card promo was officially launched on Friday as part of the Quest 2 Black Friday deals, but this is the first time we've seen the price of the headset drop to £249 alongside it. At the time of writing, this is a UK-only promotion limited to the 128GB headset and not the 256GB model.

Oculus Quest 2 Cyber Monday deals

Oculus Quest 2 Cyber Monday deals (US)

There's a Cyber Monday sale on the Quest 2 games at the time of writing that ends at midnight tonight. If this is your first time experiencing VR, you absolutely must try Tetris Effect: Connected, which is arguably one of the best VR experiences out there.

A lot of the must-haves on Quest 2 aren't included in the Cyber Monday sale as they were previously discounted for the Black Friday sale (Superhot VR, Sniper Elite VR, The Climb 2), but you can still grab the likes of Accounting+, Carve Snowboarding, Warhammer: 40K Battle Sister and more for cheap.

If you're still on the fence about getting a Quest 2, you may want to read Digital Foundry's thoughts on how the Quest 2 fares alongside other VR headsets. As they say, it's one of the more affordable VR headsets and delivers a quality picture in high resolution with no annoying cables.

The audio quality is fantastic, too. The built-in speakers in the dedicated headset strip of the Quest 2 are capable of delivering a quality spatial audio experience without headphones. It's so good you'll often forget you're not wearing headphones.

And if you're were a fan of Resident Evil 4, the VR version of the game is the definitive Resi 4 experience. The tank controls are gone and the new VR controls make it possible to dual-wield weapons (the magnum and shotgun combo is hilarious) and no-scope enemies with the Sniper equipped.

If you don't want to give Amazon your money, the next best Quest 2 deal at the time of writing is the 128GB headset from Very which includes £50 cashback onto your payment method. So, you're still getting the console for £249 but you're missing out on the £50 free credit.

You can check out all of the best Cyber Monday 2021 gaming deals here and make sure you check out the 25 best VR games to play right now. If you want to be the first to hear about the latest discounts, make sure you follow Jelly Deals on Twitter.

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