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Noted Mario 64 ROM hacker releases massive 32-level mod, Super Mario 64 Land

Eight new bosses! 75 music tracks! Mario's cat suit!

Kaze Emanuar, the noted Nintendo 64 ROM hacker responsible for the likes of Waluigi's Taco Stand 64 and a playable Mario 64 version of Bowsette has released his latest project - a massive 32-level sequel of sorts to Super Mario 64.

Known as Super Mario 64 Land, Emanuar's latest endeavour is chock full of references to Mario's various platform outings, most notably Super Mario 3D World and Land.

There's a 3D overworld map, for starters, a modernised move-set for Mario, and even power-ups new to Mario 64, including a Tanooki transformation and 3D World's much-loved cat suit - all served up in the Mario 64 engine's distinctive style.

Cover image for YouTube video

In total, as outlined in the launch trailer above, Super Mario 64 Land features 32 new levels, 70 different areas, eight new bosses, 10 new power-ups, and 75 new music tracks - the latter including some modern Mario tracks given a retro spin.

Super Mario 64 Land is being released as a mod for Super Mario 64, which means you'll need a ROM to play it. And if you manage to fulfil that requirement, then Kaze Emanuar's latest gargantuan endeavour can be downloaded by following the links on YouTube.

Emanuar's previous efforts have been no less impressive. As well as transplanting Super Mario Odyssey's delightful hat-tossing transformation mechanics into Mario 64, he remade Super Mario Bros. in the game's engine, and also collaborated on a 24-person online multiplayer version of Super Mario 64 (sadly, thanks to Nintendo's legal team, now deceased).