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Bowsette game mods are getting out of hand

Delete Bowser history.

It's been two weeks since we brought you the troubling tale of Bowsette: the internet craze which saw thousands of artists splice Bowser with Princess Peach. The meme was inspired by the work of cartoonist ayyk92, who imagined what would happen if the Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe was placed on Bowser's head instead of Toadette's. Chaos ensued, with the Bowsette hashtag used hundreds of thousands of times in the west, and becoming the number one trending topic on Japanese Twitter.

After a brief period of delay, it seems modders have finally caught up with the first wave of Bowsette art, as a spate of game mods have appeared which place the curvaceous turtle into real Mario games. Here we go again.

One of the first mods to appear was a playable Bowsette in Mario 64. Created by Kaze Emanuar (who is also responsible for the Waluigi's Taco Stand ROM hack, by the way), Bowsette can throw fireballs and even has her own sound effects. In the video, Kaze grumpily explains he was "paid to do this sh*t", which shows just how desperate people are for a playable Bowsette. As if we needed more evidence.

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The modding didn't stop there, of course, and next to appear was Bowsette for Mario Kart 8. Created by Darkyben, it's a remodel of Pink Gold Peach designed to look like ayyk92's original comic. I'll admit I actually quite like this one - she even has a cute little Bowser tail and shell, and an evil logo. You can also try it out for yourselves, as the mod is available for download on Gamebanana.

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Ok, so we've seen two playable versions of Bowsette. But what if you just want to battle her? She is a variation of Bowser, after all.

Don't worry - StupidMarioBros1Fan has you covered.

In this downloadable meme mod for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Bowsette stars as a monstrous boss who is terrifying not only due to her fireballs, but also her strange boob physics. She's able to smash her way through Mario's world while making Peach-esque noises. Just like my sister, she may sound adorable, but she's also a destructive force of nature. There's also an extra scene after the battle showing Bowser lying next to the Super Crown. It's probably for the best if that thing gets buried under a giant castle.

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If, like this modder, you're feeling sick and fed up of the Bowsette trend by now, you may want to check out this fan creation for Super Smash Bros. 4. Hope you didn't have any plans to sleep tonight.

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Unfortunately for Bowsette fans, these mods are likely the closest we'll get to a real Bowsette in Nintendo games. According to a comment made to Japanese site J-Cast, the company will not comment on Nintendo fan art. Some eagle-eyed fans did spot, however, that Nintendo created Bowsette concept art before the trend ever emerged online. Maybe Nintendo simply had the foresight to know what would happen. Life, uh, finds a way.

Thank you Yernur Niyetkaliyev and Dan Turner for these, erm, beautiful pictures.

In the meantime, the meme continues to spread to every corner of the internet, including Sonic mods, and my former university's meme page, of all things. World, meet the new and improved version of the University of Birmingham's clock tower: Old Joette.

That's enough internet for today.