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Nintendo Switch shifted 2.74m units in its first month

More copies of Zelda on Switch sold than Switch itself.

Nintendo Switch is off to a strong start, with more than 2.74m consoles shipped during its first month of release.

The company had previously made a fairly conservative estimate of 2m Switch consoles shipped within the same timeframe - an estimate that it has definitely been beating.

Perhaps more impressive is the attach rate of Nintendo Switch hardware to copies of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 2.76m Switch copies of the game have been sold - more than the number of Switch units currently out in the wild.

(There are a couple of possible reasons for this - people buying Zelda while Switch itself is out of stock, or picking up copies of the special edition to keep/sell on eBay.)

Add in sales of Zelda's Wii U version, and the game is now sitting at 3.84m units total.

Sales of launch title mini-game compilation 1-2 Switch were not disclosed, however. Nintendo simply noted the game had been "generating buzz".

Nintendo detailed the numbers in its 2016 sales report, published this morning, which also painted a positive picture of 3DS.

3DS hardware sales rose year-on-year, buoyed by Pokémon Sun and Moon's launch in November. 7.27m 3DS consoles were shifted over the last 12 months, making for a life-to-date total of 66m.

Pokémon Sun and Moon sold a whopping 15.44m copies, while Super Mario Maker for 3DS sold 2.34.

Nintendo did not disclose download numbers or revenue for individual mobile games, although its smart device income rose significantly year-on-year, from 5.73bn yen (£39m) up to 24.25bn yen (£169m).

Finally, Wii U sold 760k units during the last 12 months - a decrease of 77 per cent year-on-year, as focus shifts to Switch. Wii U ceased production before Christmas, meaning its current lifetime total of 13.56m is likely to be its final amount.

Looking to the future, Nintendo expects 10m more Switch consoles to be snapped up over the coming 12 months, alongside 35m Switch games.

It also expects to shift another 6m 3DS consoles, and 40m 3DS games.