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Next EVE expansion is Quantum Rise

Winter update to servers, industrial ships.

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CCP's put a name and some more features to the next free expansion to its space-faring MMO, EVE Online.

The update will be called Quantum Rise, and, as previously reported, will give a boost to the industrial side of the game, after the recent focus on warfare in Empyrean Age.

It will also coincide with a major phase of infrastructure work at CCP, as the Icelandic company upgrades its server and network technology to reduce the lag in EVE's single virtual universe.

"CCP will push forward with a myriad of hardware and server improvements to bring the most massive player-versus-player experience available, expanding a boundless universe into a limitless one," frothed the press release.

EVE's player corporations will be pleased to hear that industrial ships are getting rebalanced, and a massive capital industrial ship called the Orca added. They'll also get customisable storfronts and new certificate and medal systems for their pilots.

Further features will include weapon linking, continued graphical upgrades, autopilot changes and more. You can find full details at the EVE website.

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