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Next EVE expansion to focus on industry

Due in December, no word on ambulation.

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In a video interview with, producer Arend Stuhrmann revealed that EVE Online's next free expansion, due this December, will be "all about industry".

"Our game design team is looking at all aspects of science, industry and research, making sure we can optimise wherever we can, making sure we make the management of industry and production easier and more comprehensible," he said.

After last expansion The Empyrean Age concentrated on factional player-versus-player warfare, it seems that developer CCP is intent on giving the game's more peaceful players something to get their teeth into with this next update, codenamed MIDAS.

Stuhrmann didn't discuss the much anticipated "ambulation" or "walking in stations" update that would bring on-foot player avatars to the game for the first time. This suggests it will be released, probably as a standalone expansion, in 2009. It will be showcased at CCP's fan convention this November.

Stuhrmann also mentions some forthcoming patches to Empyrean Age: the first will concentrate on balance fixes, the second on new mission content and a certificate system for measuring your progress.

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