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GTA actor slams Rockstar

Woods doesn't like hot coffee.

Top craggy-jawed Hollywood star James Woods has made it known that he's not too happy about the Hot Coffee mod in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Woods played Mike Toreno in the game, which infamously featured hidden content of the sexually explicit variety.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Woods said that, "If someone said, 'We're going to have this in there, be aware of that," he could have made an informed decision about whether or not he wanted to be associated with the game.

Woods added that he "just doesn't like to be sandbagged." And who does.

Poor old Rockstar - it seems the Hot Coffee scandal just won't lie down and die. Not only are top craggy-jawed Hollywood stars on getting their case but now the LA city attorney's office has launched a lawsuit against them, too. Don't be expecting too many hidden sexually explicit mini-games to appear in future Rockstar titles, we'd wager...