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New Virtua Fighter 5 details

It's got two new characters.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Some new details of the latest arcade instalment in the Virtua Fighter series [hi Leo! -Ed] have been revealed by Famitsu magazine - including news that the game will feature two new characters.

One of these, El Blaze, is a masked wrestler who specialises in the Lucha Libre combat style, using flamboyant moves and acrobatic throws to fling his opponents around the ring. As the game's story unfolds, we'll discover a connection between El Blaze and our old friend Wolf.

We're promised various new gameplay systems, such as the one which lets El Blaze jump over opponents he's knocked to the ground, but there will be no online mode - apparently the development team thinks this wouldn't fit in with VF tradition. But there will be enhanced network functionality so players can communicate more easily and form their own community.

The game is being developed by long-time VF programmers including Daichi Katagiri, who worked on the very first game in the series and is game director for Virtua Fighter 5. Makoto Osaki, who's previous credits include Daytona USA amongst other Sega racers, is overall director.

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