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Deep Silver to publish McGee's Scrapland

A bit like Grand Theft Auto. With robots. And flying cars. Can't be bad, really, can it?

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X2: The Threat publisher Deep Silver has signed third-person action-adventure Scrapland and plans to publish it on Xbox and PC across Europe in January 2005.

Developed by Mercury Steam, Scrapland also features creative input from noted designer American McGee, who worked on the original Doom and Doom II at id Software in the 90s before leaving the Texan developer to work on his own Alice title, which was published by Electronic Arts.

"I knew I wanted to be involved with this project the moment I met with Mercury Steam and saw the game," McGee said this week. The game has been characterised as Grand Theft Auto in a quirky futuristic environment, something that McGee is happy to admit to. "Scrapland has an extremely unique free-form style of play that capitalises on the success of games like GTA3, yet takes it one step further," he added.

Deep Silver plans to publish the game on Xbox first, with a PC version to follow shortly afterward. KOCH Media will handle distribution in the UK, Germany and Italy.

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