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Where Do Babies Come From?

Is this the sequel to Project Rub?

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SEGA has declined to comment on reports that Sonic Team is preparing a sequel to quirky Nintendo DS mini-games package Project Rub (known as Feel the Magic in the US and I Would Die For You in Japan).

IGN reported on Wednesday that SEGA was working on the game under the title "Akachan wa Dokokara Kuruno?", which is the Japanese equivalent of "Where Do Babies Come From?"

Asked if it was true or not, a SEGA Europe spokesperson said, "No comment," although it's entirely possible that the news simply hasn't filtered through from Japan yet.

Nintendo DS launch title Project Rub involved trying to win the heart of a young lady by helping her escape charging bulls, unicycling between rooftops and completing other bizarre tasks - and despite being quite short was also fairly entertaining.

Developer Sonic Team is currently working on Phantasy Star Universe for several platforms and Sonic Rush, also for the DS.

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