Sonic Rush

SEGA to follow Nintendo's Mario model

When it comes to releasing Sonic games.

SEGA exec Alan Pritchard has revealed more about the company's plans to delist less-than-stellar Sonic games - suggesting the publisher may take a leaf out of an old rival's book.

Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush

Hedgehog's limelight.

Here are two things you can do, SEGA, to make ALL of your Sonic games better and instantly more appealing to human beings:

Stop killing me with one hit.


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Sonic Rush DS details

Sonic Rush DS details

Yes, you'll need that stylus

Some new details of forthcoming DS title Sonic Rush have been revealed by Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream - including news that the game will feature special "trick action" bonus rounds.

These will involve using your stylus to touch a series of number keys within in a strict time limit, and will look a bit like the special stages in Sonic 3 - you'll drag Sonic left and right to collect rings, whilst steering clear of those pesky spikes.

As we reported back in May, Sonic is getting a new sidekick for his first DS outing in the shape of Blaze the Cat - and you can play as her if you like. There are plenty of NPCs to meet, too, and many of them will offer you a helping hand where needed.

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New Sonic games

And some old faves return.

If we've learned one thing from this year's E3, apart from the fact that 2006 is going to be very exciting, it's that there's no such thing as a retirement age for game characters. Mario, Donkey Kong and Link are all still going strong, not to mention Pac-Man - who's been popping pills for more than 25 years now.