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Project Rub creator speaks

About his brand new game.

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Sega's Takumi Yoshinaga, the creator of Project Rub for the Nintendo DS, has revealed the first few details of his next title.

Speaking at an event in Tokyo last weekend, Yoshinaga did not indicate whether or not the game will be a sequel to Project Rub - launched in Japan under the name I Would Die For You, and in the US titled Feel the Magic: XX/XY.

However, he did suggest it will centre around the same loved-up themes: "I am currently developing a title that kind of expands on the world [view] of [Project Rub]. I create my games with the hope they will make people happy when they play it," Yoshinaga said.

"I can't talk about the details yet, but I'd like to keep creating these kinds of titles, which will leave something [in the hearts] of the players. The [key] point is communion between the hearts of people."

There's no word yet on a title or release date for Yoshinaga's next project, but we'll keep you posted.

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