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Virtua Fighter 5 in development

AM2 boss confirms beat-'em-up plans.

Finally, for those who haven't already found their way to GameSpy's excellent interview with Makoto Osaki, the Sega AM2 director also revealed that in addition to Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation, which he discussed at length, Virtua Fighter 5 is on its way.

"The VF series as you know it will definitely continue, and VF5 is coming," he stated pretty emphatically. "It will be what fans expect - a one-on-one fighting game. We do not intend for Cyber Generation to be a 'replacement' for the original VF series. It is something that will coexist beside the original series and hopefully introduce more people to it."

Those curious about Cyber Generation though would do well to take in the rest of the interview, where Mr. Osaki goes into detail about game mechanics, and also comments on the possibility of Cube/GBA link-up. "It's a possibility, and we've thought about it," he says at one point.

Although Mr. Osaki offers no clue as to Sega's plans for VF5, it seems safe to say it won't be that long in the making, particularly if his reaction to Duke Nukem Forever is anything to go by. Having revealed himself as a fan of FPS and gritty realistic shoot-'em-ups earlier in the conversation, the interviewer asks him for his take on DNF. "Oh? What's the latest on that?" he asks, before hearing that it's been in development for seven years. "Seven years?" he asks incredulously. "You know, Shenmue only took us five!"