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Book author drops Diablo 3 hints

Not "writing for a dead world".

Richard A. Knaak, author of a new book based in the Diablo universe, has dropped some not very subtle hints about a plan for a third game - something that Blizzard devotees have been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.

His book - Diablo: The Sin War, Book One: Birthright - is the first in a trilogy that explore some of the click-and-slash legend's storyline, and Knaak indicates that it may indeed be going somewhere.

"What happens in the Sin War is significant, as I mentioned, toward the future," he told the Blizzplanet's Medievaldragon (edited for correct link), when asked whether he's heard anything about a third game. "I know that Blizzard is very eager to make Diablo fans happy."

When pushed, he added: "I am not writing for a dead world... but a world with dead."

Vivendi-Universal, Blizzard's owners, haven't got back to us since we started badgering them about it yesterday, presumably because they're busy swimming in all that World of Warcraft money. When they get tired of that, expect to be officially not told anything.