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EG mobile section launches

Chk it out plz.

Eurogamer today announced... that... Hey wait that's us! Oh yes, today we're unveiling our mobile games section - your number one stop for all things mobile gaming in Europe.

As we get up to speed on how things work in mobile-land, we're deferring to our chums at Pocket Gamer and bringing you their expertise with a cherry-picked selection of reviews - a catalogue that should grow considerably over the coming months.

For a start you can see what we made of John Carmack's first mobile effort, Doom RPG, along with the likes of Sensible Soccer - not to mention the monstrously popular Jewel Quest.

Mobile gaming isn't just on the up - it's already a huge industry completely of its own - and as the quality of games grows we're taking a greater interest. But don't take our word for it - why not watch Eurogamer TV's interview with John Carmack. "This may be the year for coming out on mobile," he says.

For us too.

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