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New Dark Messiah details

Light shed on multiplayer modes.

The producer of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has revealed what we can expect from the game's multiplayer modes when it arrives on PC this autumn.

According to excellently named producer Romain de Waubert de Genlis, Dark Messiah will feature deathmatch, team match and an all-new Crusade mode, and will support up to 32 players on the same map.

De Waubert de Genlis said the deathmatch and the team deathmatch modes "Will be very similar to what you can find in most online first-person shooters, like Quake, UT or Doom," while the Crusade mode "will be more of a mix between Battlefield and WOW Battlegrounds."

In Crusade mode, rounds will take place on massive maps complete with spawn points for reinforcements. Your objective will be to capture various flags to reduce your opponent's reinforcement options, and the game ends either when there are no spawn points left or when all the flags on the map have been captured.

"On top of that, players will be rewarded with skill points for each "Act of Bravery" they perform," explained De Waubert de Genlis.

"An act of bravery could be to kill and enemy, of course, but also to capture a span point, heal an team mate or bring decisive help in a battle - like blind an enemy to allow a warrior to kill him, for instance."

You'll have various different character classes to choose from, "Similar to what can be found in games like Battlefield 1942." First up is the assassin, who is a bit weak but tidy when it comes to stealth. The warrior is much stronger and likes a bit of melee action, while the archer is better at dealing a lot of damage from a safe distance.

Both the mage and the priest use ranged weapons - the priest is good at spotting assassins and using healing spells, while the mage can dish out damage to whole groups of enemies and increase characters' resistance. All the classes will be able to evolve during online campaigns.

You can expect "dynamic campaigns", too - apparently this means that "You will be able to play online matches with the results of one round impacting on the next one; the results will determine the next map being loaded.

"So with the default map cycle, if you win battle after battle, you will get a strong feeling of getting always deeper into enemy territory for instance. You will also keep your skills from one map to the other."

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is due out this September. For more info on the single player game, why not take a look at our preview.